Slow and Steady

It’s been a long time since I posted anything here. My last post was in August, when I got a new shakuhachi by Kodama Hiroyuki. This marked a major turning point in my learning, as I shifted from jiari to jinashi shakuhachis. And this was certainly a good change. I’ve overcome the battle of the embouchure, I can play tsu-no-meri, and I’m starting to get kan notes consistently. And it took me a while, but I can now play my 2.2 comfortably.

It’s been quite some time – 18 months now – but I’m patient, as this is one learning experience where I’m really not in any hurry. I’ve learned to appreciate the notes that I play, and to befriend my frustration to render it powerless. Each day, each note takes me along the journey that I’ve embarked on playing this instrument, and I don’t know where I will end up, but I know that I have a real sense of calm as I play.

So my progress has been slow, probably a lot slower than other, younger learners, but that’s fine. Every day I play this instrument I enjoy the moments, and every day I can play a bit more, a bit better.

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